CCTV Security Camera & Alarm System Installation in Brisbane

Security Camera Installation in Brisbane: All Tech Co

The All Tech Co Security Alarm Solutions have you covered!

All Tech Co offers more than just computer repairs, we also offer home and office security solutions. We supply and install a wide range of security camera installation brisbane and alarm systems and solutions for every budget, such as wireless sensor systems and wireless camera systems, both internal and external and even wireless video door bell systems.

All the systems we supply are easily managed by your phone or PC both from your home and even remotely. Our technicians will not only install and setup your system but also give you a demonstration and tutorial on how to manage you system, from arming your system and getting notification’s right to your phone for the wireless sensor systems and viewing your wireless camera system while you are out or away to enabling door and window alarms while you sleep, so you can always use your new system with confidence.

The team at All Tech Co will provide the security system that best suits your property/Business or even install the one that you have purchased yourself.

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All Tech Co provides more than simply PC, and laptop repairs. We also offer security solutions for the home and workplace. We offer sales and installation of a wide range of alarm and security solutions and systems for any budget, including internal and exterior wireless sensor systems, wireless video doorbell systems and wireless camera systems.

Expert Security and CCTV Camera Security Installation Brisbane

All of the systems we provide are simply operated by phone or computer, both from home and remotely. Our security camera installers will not only install and configure your system, but they will also give you a demonstration and instructions on how to manage it, from enabling the system and receiving notifications directly to your phone.

You can view these wireless sensor systems and wireless camera systems while you are away or out. You can also enable window and door alarms while you and your family sleep, so that you can use your new security system with confidence.

Why Opt For Our CCTV Camera Installations?

CCTV cameras have numerous benefits for both commercial and residential installations
such as:

  • Deter Crime – When combined with a modern alarm system your CCTV cameras
    are a highly effective method to deter crime. Intruders will stay away even at night
    from properties that have CCTVs installed because of the infrared night vision lights
    that glow on them.

  • Collecting Evidence – In case any theft occurs on your premises, the footage
    recorded by the systems becomes valuable evidence that law enforcement can use
    to identify and prosecute offenders in a court of law.
  • Workplace Safety – You can install CCTV cameras to record zones where safety
    might pose a problem or monitor staff and employee compliances and actions.
  • Deter Workplace Theft – All business owns wants to secure not just their premises
    outdoor areas. They also need proper surveillance for indoor spaces and for
    watching their cash registers. CCTV camera systems help reduce work place theft of
    inventory and cash by both employees and customers.

Security System Brands We Work With

We provide a variety of professional-grade brands, including as Uniview, Dahua, Hikvision, TVT, and Ubiquiti, and will always propose the most efficient system for your purpose. We will also install equipment provided by you, such as Ring, Google Nest, Netgear and Swann. Our dependable camera security installation team can quickly install a CCTV System or security cameras in your Brisbane home or office.

Professional Camera Security Installation in Brisbane

An will evaluate your property, and offer a personalised evaluation of security camera and CCTV alternatives that best suit your security & safety issues, home or business and structure, and budget. You’ll get a written upfront quote for the job.

Today, there are numerous high quality & affordable security systems and products available in the marketplace for both business and residential consumers. Our company knows that commercial security and surveillance requirements are intrinsically different from residential ones. We always adopt a customized approach so that you are 100% satisfied with our services.

For more details about our office or home security system sales and installation in Brisbane, please call All Tech Co at 0423 625 125. You can also send us your requests and queries via this Contact Us form and we will call you back soon with all the relevant details.